It’s a bit quiet…

It's been a few months again... bad me.

Anyway, the team is busy working on upgrading the underlying platform to the next version of Telligent Community Server (5.6). There are some infrastructure changes that need to be completed as part of this upgrade so it's going to take until the end of March to get that done. The new platform will give us a few new features, some more stability / performance and a few more pieces of functionality for our blog authors. When we get closer to release, I'll outline those in more detail.

As we look forward, we are going to continue our integration with the MSDN and TechNet Networks going deeper with activity integration and the upcoming release of our new recognition system. The recognition system is currently being tested in the new MSDN Code Gallery and will make it's way over to blogs, the TechNet Wiki, and eventually merge with the Forums recognition system. More details about that in the coming months.

I also want to recognize all the feedback we've received over the past few months. We hear you loud and clear about getting locale filtering on blog feeds, so that's in the plans for FY12. As we do some more FY12 planning we'll let you know our plans so you can give us feedback.



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