December Update for the Blogs

Earlier today we released an update to the MSDN and TechNet blogs. Some of these features are customer facing so I wanted to make sure to share these changes with y’all.

Localization: Spanish, German, Japanese

We are very excited to introduce Spanish, German and Japanese UI localization on the Blogs.  This is a very important step as we increase the globalization of MSDN and TechNet.  Please note that not all UI is localized as our blog authors can customize the UI which the platform doesn’t auto-localize.  Language selection is currently accomplished very simply through your browser language settings.  There is not currently a method for toggling this in the UI.

Note: Localized UI will only appear for users who are signed into the blogs. The language preference is stored connected to the user account. We hope to bring localized UI to anonymous readers of the blog shortly.


Example of localized Japanese UI


Comment Anchors

We’ve dropped a new commenting control to our bloggers which includes being able to permalink directly to a comment. Look for the hash (#) tag next to your comment to get the link.


Terms of Use

MSDN, TechNet and Expression sites will be moving on December 8th to a single Terms of Use, shared across those properties. The blogs have been updated to point to this new Terms of Use and you’ll see the new TOU content once live.

We’ll back back in 2011 with continued improvements to ensure you get all the Microsoft news right here on the MSDN and TechNet Blogs.


Comments (1)

  1. Typhoon87 says:

    First off I want to say thank you for getting me in touch with the correct people to reset my Technet blogs account thank you and its nice to be able to log in again.

    Second is a smaller feature request for a future upgrade. Curently for rated posts you see the stars but you dont see how many votes make up that rating. Is it two votes or two million votes?

    My request is to add the number of votes making up the star rating.

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