Web Camps Training Kit

(passing along some great resources we are releasing today for free...)

Today, we are releasing the Web Camps Training Kit: July 2010 Edition - Download it here.

The kit includes all the content we presented around the world at the recent Web Camps events; presentations, demos, labs and more.  Inside the new kit you'll find content that covers the following technologies:

  • ASP.NET 4 Web Forms
  • jQuery
  • Entity Framework
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Deployment

We've also included the agenda so if you want to run your own Web Camp with some of our content, you can do that. Let the team know if you are planning to run your own - we'll help get the word out (webcamps [at] microsoft.com).

As a bonus we've also included scenario based content which comes in the form of complimentary slides, demos, demo scripts and hands-on-labs.  These scenarios show you how to take your own web application from an idea and prototype all the way to getting more visitors and optimizing for performance using the Microsoft Web Platform and other technologies from Microsoft.

  • Prototyping Your Web App
  • Building Your Web App
  • Enhancing Your Web App
  • Getting More Visitors to your Web App
  • Optimizing Your Web App for High Performance

We are going to be adding new scenarios as well as fresh content covering the latest on WebMatrix, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, jQuery and more as well as brand new Web Camps!  Stay tuned!  Again, we're open to hearing your feedback and requests - if there is anything you would like to see in the next version of the training kit, let us know (webcamps [at] microsoft.com).

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