MSDN and TechNet Blog Migration – Thursday Update

On Track. It Is.

We completed and packaged our final build of the web application bits today. Site themes are done. MSDN and TechNet blog themes are done.

So Friday we begin the final deployment of the web bits and the migrated data. So perhaps your next question is, why are we going live on Monday and not Friday? It’s pretty easy to explain:

  1. It’s a Friday and going live on a Friday is not really a good idea. It sure ruin’s the plans of those who actually want a weekend when things go wrong 🙂
  2. With the millions of posts, users, images and files our integrated search needs a couple of days to catch up. The last thing we want to do is turn on the new platform and the search return zero results. That’s just dumb. 🙂
  3. Many of our bloggers have been working hard on their blog designs – every day I see a blog that’s getting close to done and I’m awed at the awesome design and experience our bloggers are putting together. Anyway, I digress – the bloggers need some time to get their new designs imported into the new platform before we switch it on. That’s this weekend as well.

Anyway, we are almost there. Monday will be here soon and this will all be just a dream…

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