MSDN and TechNet Blog Migration – Tuesday Update

Data migration continued on schedule today and we are optimistic that everything will complete as planned. It’s good to see that our multiple dry-run tests of the data migration process have paid off with a smooth (knock on wood) production run so far!

Today we also completed the first part of the web site application deployment. This included deploying the base blogging platform and confirming our new production environment is all hooked up. We now have our IIS and SQL Servers in place, our fileservers setup, background task jobs running and the new analytics package configured ready to start collecting data!

We’ve also been working hard with our blog authors to make sure their updated blog designs are going to be ready for next week. It’s great to see a large blogging community at Microsoft working together on making the best blogs they can for all of you, our readers, partners, customers and friends.

To go along with the MSDN blog theme from yesterday, here is a look at the new TechNet blog theme – this is a blogs home page with excerpts of the posts, searching, tags, comments etc.


Blog on!

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