MSDN and TechNet Blog Migration – Monday Update

Many thanks to the blog authors who have been helping to spread the word about the migration. Hopefully y’all surviving not commenting on the posts that have been published today… 😉

So far, so good with the data migration progress. The many, many gigabytes of data in the databases along with the photos, images, attachments are making their way through the upgrade pipeline. Even with high-end servers we’ve still got quite a few days of processing to go...

On Tuesday we begin the process of deploying the web application files and confirming our new production environment is all hooked up. We have quite a few IIS servers to setup, large file servers to deploy, background task services to configure and a comprehensive analytics system to verify. It should be quite the day! 🙂

To wrap up this post here’s a sneak peek at the new MSDN default blog theme taking from a random blog I clicked on in our test environment tonight... Pretty sweet eh? 🙂


Until tomorrow…

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