MSDN and TechNet Blog Platform Upgrades Coming Soon…

Hi, I'm the PM for the MSDN and TechNet blogs. And in just two weeks from now we are going to be migrating to an entirely new blog platform. Over the next week I'm going to introduce you to that platform.

First though, there are some things you should know.

  1. Between 5/16 and 5/24, you'll probably see a dip in blog posts as blog authors take a break from posting while we bring the new system online and migrate all the old blog posts.

  2. Comments will be disabled between 5/16 @ 8:30pm PDST and 5/24 @ 12pm PDST. Sorry, but it's that or lose all your witty banter 🙂

  3. We'll finally have home pages and blog themes that look like they belong to Microsoft. Well mostly - bloggers will still be free to customize their designs...

  4. We are switching to Windows Live ID for login. You'll be able to associate your existing blog account to the Windows Live ID account the first time you log in.

  5. Your profile will remain unique to the individual blog platform and from MSDN or TechNet. During the second half of 2010, we'll be integrating those into a single profile system.

And with all that to digest I'll see you tomorrow where we'll talk about the new home page and some of the new features, you as a blog reader can come to expect!

Comments (5)

  1. Typhoon87 says:

    This is way long overdue like a couple of years Finally, I can use my live id as well.  

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    Will we be able to customise our display names once our accounts are merged with our Live IDs?

  3. SeanJenkin says:

    Yep, you’ll be able to customize your display name!

  4. rsola says:

    Hi. Will the current RSS and Atom links continue to be valid, or they might broke in any sense? I mean feeds either from the main site (i.e. /Mainfeed.aspx) or from each blog, with respect to aggregators.


  5. SeanJenkin says:

    The existing links will continue to work though there will be some redirects to get to the final content location.

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