Map Gallery on Codeplex for your SSRS 2008 R2 Reports

If you are using maps in SSRS 2008 R2, you might be aware that the Map Wizard only provides U.S. based maps.  However, it is totally possible to add more maps to the gallery.  Head on over to where a community project has started up to provide maps for other locations.  The site also includes links to directions for how you can create files that will load into the Map Gallery for Reporting Services. 

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  1. AlanSQL says:

    The idea behind codeplex link is very good, but the links are in Portuguese.

  2. MAP POINT POWER says:

    Our team in Persian Civil Engineering Company "BonianSazanShomal" databank Archive and Directory for Iranian Engineers, for Creating Map Gallery in RoadRive Roadownload Roadish Dynamic Mapower need a Toolserver for Launch Landing Large Linkback Cover SENSORE.

  3. nodes says:

    My Current Contact Page as:

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