Silverlight Charts Are Now Available with the Silverlight Toolkit!

Today, at PDC, the release of the Silverlight toolkit was made available.  Included in this release, is a preview version of a charting control that was produced as a collaborative effort between the Silverlight controls and SQL Server Reporting Services team. 

silverlight chart

This initial release includes support for the following chart types:

  • Bar
  • Line
  • Pie
  • Column
  • Scatter

In addition to these series types, the chart supports a few types of animations, but it also can update based on changes in the underlying data if the chart is attached to an ObservableCollection-based data source.  The chart also supports the templating capabilities present in Silverlight.


That's it for now.   Let us know what you think of the Silverlight charts over on the discussion area in codeplex.  We're eager to get your feedback!

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  1. My colleagues Sean Boon and Alex Gorev recently started their own blogs with focus on data visualization.

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