Windows Server Site Highlights Mixed Environments

Microsoft's Windows Server team is highlighting heterogeneous environments in a site launched today at, This site highlights this blog and the System Center product line in showing customers how we support mixed environments.

Microsoft sees that a large number of customers have mixed environments, and that customers are tired of having operations siloed by applications, operating systems or skill sets. IT managers are having to drive down costs continually by consolidating and just managing operations more effectively. These operational silos are a key roadblock to driving down costs, and by using Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V and System Center (including cross platform support), customers can overcome these roadblocks.

Ultimately, there are three key requirements of IT managers:

  • The need to consolidate servers and platforms
  • The need to manage multiple platforms / operating systems and remove silos
  • The need to become more efficient and cost effective by optimizing key resources

As you can see in the video on the site's home page, customers really want and need support for a mixed environment, and the support that System Center provides for UNIX and Linux platforms is a key part of that solution. An important thing to remember about Microsoft's cross platform support is that our solution extensions are not just a one-time release to satisfy a check box – it's an ongoing body of work that extends System Center in multiple ways and will continue to grow as our customers demand new features and capabilities.

What many people don't know is that we didn't just get a bunch of Windows developers to write some code, drop it on a Linux server and compile – we have a dedicated team for cross platform work, many of whom were already UNIX and Linux developers, and joined Microsoft to be a part of this team. We also utilize and support open standards (like WS-Man) and open source software in the cross platform extensions. Our cross platform providers for Operations Manager 2007 R2 are open source and freely available on CodePlex. The agents interact with an OpenPegasus CIM database on the UNIX and Linux servers. And, by the way, Microsoft contributed enhancements back to OpenPegasus that were released in version 2.10.

Aside from just UNIX and Linux platform support, our team also develops solutions for interoperability with third-party software platforms. The Interop Connectors for Operations Manager 2007 enable connectivity to HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, BMC Remedy ARS, as well as a universal connector that can be used for virtually anything! We also have the new Opalis Integration Server product, which has over 40 Integration Packs that include connectivity to over 20 different third-party applications and platforms.

For more information about System Center's cross platform support:

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