Flying pigs in Las Vegas

I originally came from the partner team, where I recall telling folks that we would do a cross platform solution “when pigs flew” and here I am today.  How far we have come!  To celebrate the release of CPE at MMS and my statement above, we decided to have some flying pigs produced for MMS. …


Another first experience with CPE

Here is a link to another first experience blog post.  What is interesting about this post, is that he did not have one of the supported platforms available, so he “improvised”  🙂 Check it out


Cross Platform Extensions Overview session at MMS

For those of you at MMS in Las Vegas, hope you are all having fun! We wanted to remind you that we have a session today that is going to cover the Cross Platform Extensions beta.  In the session, we will cover the architecture, features, release plans and lots of demos.  Oh, and you might…


White paper on Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions

Here’s a good starting point on the features and functionality provided in the Cross Platform Extensions beta –  Also the System Center team posted some additional information – Here’s a good video showing the product in action –  More to come later…  The Cross Platf and Interop Team