Server Error in ‘/’ Application after installing new SCSM Self Service Portal

You have successfully installed the new HTML based SCSM Self Service Portal (UR8), applied the hotfix for UR8 and when you open the portal “locally” on the server (more on remote access at the end) you get an error like:

Server Error in '/' Application
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

This indicates that the SDK server (the SCSM management server) name you specified in the Portal setup is either incorrect or the Data Access Service on the SDK server is not running. Most probably the specified SDK server is a remote server and incorrect.

If you are sure that the SDK service is really running then you need to check this on the Portal server:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Navigate to the Portal Web Site
  3. In the middle pane double click on Application Settings (in ASP.NET area)
  4. Double click on SDKServerName and type the correct SCSM management server name in the Value text box.
  5. Refresh the browser on the portal server. The portal should now open successfully.

Note: If remote users get “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error” then most probably the Portal is accessing to a remote SCSM management server. Check this: New SCSM Portal is running fine locally on Portal server but remote users get HTTP 500 Error

Kubilay Hüsmenoğlu

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