New SCSM Portal is running fine locally on Portal server but remote users get HTTP 500 Error

If the new HTML based SCSM Self Service Portal is NOT installed on a SCSM management server, you can run the portal locally but remote users get “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error”. The reason is because the portal is configured to connect to a remote SCSM management server.

You have 2 options.

  1. Either install Secondary SCSM Management Server on the same server as Portal. Details:

    Then change SDK server name to localhost or the current server name. Details:

  2. Or enable Basic Authentication. You can find the details at the “Stand-Alone Self Service Portal Deployment” section in New Self Service Portal Deployment Scenarios and Troubleshooting article.

Basically you need to

  • Enable Basic Authentication
  • and Disable Windows Authentication.


Please read the article mentioned above about the SSL warning.

Kubilay Hüsmenoğlu

Comments (2)

  1. I experienced this when spinning up a separate server for the Web component. It appears to be a Kerberos delegation issue when using Windows Authentication, so as another option if you enable delegation on the AD computer object of the web server it should resolve the issue.

  2. Correction to my above statement, although I do believe this to be a Kerberos delegation issue, I can't seem to resolve it how I thought, initial testing looked promising but it later proved ineffective. Pretty sure that MS could fix this quite easily if they wanted to. In the end I conceded and installed a secondary server on the web box.

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