Deployment and Troubleshooting article for the new HTML based SCSM Self Service Portal published!

Please ensure that you have read this article New Self Service Portal Deployment Scenarios and Troubleshooting at before installing the new HTML based Self Service Portal.

You will find answers to these questions:

  • How to install onto same server with SharePoint based portal?
  • What are the hardware and software requirements?
  • Which browsers are supported?
  • How to configure port and SSL?
  • To which management server to deploy?
  • How to deploy to a server without management server running?
  • How to load balance?
  • How to resolve setup issues?
  • How to resolve issues after installation?
  • How to enable tracing to help troubleshooting?
  • What to do when the portal content is empty?

Please leave a comment if something is missing or wrong in the article.

Kubilay Hüsmenoğlu

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