SCSM 2012 Setup Wizard error when selecting SQL Server instance

When installing System Center Service Manager 2012 you are asked for a SQL Server instance that will host the ServiceManager database. After that the setup wizard looks for instances on the specified SQL Server machine. If you get an error saying that instances can’t be detected then check in the setup log files for details.

The setup log files are located in the folder C:\Users\<SetupUserName>\AppData\Local\Temp starting with SCSM and have a .log extension.

Sort on “Date modified” in descending order. You may find a file starting with SCSMSetupWizard, Open it and search for the “Exception”.

You may find a line like this:

GetSqlInstanceList(), Exception Type: System.Management.ManagementException, Exception Message: Invalid class

This is stating that a WMI corruption exists on the SQL Server machine.

The solution is to run the SQL Server setup with the Repair option. After that your SCSM setup should be able to list the instances on the SQL Server machine successfully.


If you need more detailed info what is going behind the scenes check this:

  • On a computer with sql08...
    Start, run, wbemtest
    input   root\microsoft\sqlserver\computermanagement10
    Click on Enum Classes...
    Leave superclass name blank, check the box for "recursive"
    scroll down to find SQLServiceAdvancedProperty
    double-click on that.
    on the right, click on "instances"
    Those instances (the results you see there), that's what would be returned for this edit for sql08, on this box.
    Open up an instance, and "show mof" to see what that 1 line would be.
    If you can't connect to the root\microsoft\sqlserver\computermanagement10, that's your first clue that the components from SQL08 which allow for management simply aren't installed.

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Please note: If your SQL Server version is 2012 then replace computermanagement10 with computermanagement11 above.


Kubilay Hüsmenoğlu

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