How to Configure Maintenance Tasks for Configuration Manager Sites

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Maintenance tasks are used to remove out-of-date data from the database and to summarize usage data. The available tasks vary between each site type, with the majority available on primary sites. Generally, configuring a task consists of enabling and configuring a schedule, or disabling it. Use the following procedure to enable or configure the site maintenance tasks.


To configure or enable a site maintenance task

1.       In the Configuration Manager console, click Administration.

2.       In the Administration workspace, expand Site Operations, and then click Sites.

3.       Select the site in which to enable the site maintenance task.

4.       On the Home tab, in the Settings group, click Site Maintenance Tasks.

5.       Click the appropriate task and then click Edit.

6.       Select Enable this task, and then configure an appropriate schedule or other properties as applicable for the task.

7.       Click OK.


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