IE10 Platform Preview 2 is Out with More HTML5 and CSS3 Goodness

The IE team has just announced the release of IE10 Platform Preview 2 and it's chock full of HTML5 & CSS3 goodness. Included in the preview are features developers have been clamoring for including:

Expanded HTML5 support:

  • Asynchronus Script Execution
  • Drag and Drop
  • File API
  • Forms Validation
  • Sandbox
  • Web Workers

Expanded CSS3 Support:

  • CSS3 Flexible Box (“Flexbox”) Layout
  • Positioned Floats
  • CSS3 Gradients
  • CSS3 Grid Alignment
  • CSS3 Multi-column Layout

I'm especially excited about the addition of the Forms Validation and Web Workers API.

Web Workers Fountain Demo App:

Forms Validation Demos:

 Full details about these new features and more can be found in the Internet Explorer Platform Preview Guide for Developers.

You can download IE10 Platform Preview 2 here and test out the latest updates and demos via the Internet Explorer Test Drive site.

 Channel 9 has also published a set of videos showing off the new stuff in IE10 PP2.

Comments (9)

  1. nicholmikey says:

    it's interesting that I had a MUCH better frame rate with the web workers off.

  2. Brent says:

    Is it at least going to support the text-shadow property?

  3. Rey.Bango says:

    @Brent: I'm not sure if it will but every preview tends to offer more & more features.

    Now, I know you're focused on this one feature that's important to you but any feedback on the other awesome features available in PP2?

  4. Robert says:

    I'm with Brent on this one. The low hanging fruit for many years has been eliminating Photoshop and plugin hours in the work flow. The basics being rounded corners, drop shadows, audio and video, gradients, fonts, opacity, etc… We were asking for those things 2 versions ago because we deal with them on virtually Every site we build. Please cross those off the list before playing with stuff that will only be useful on 5% of the sites we are asked to create.

  5. seth says:

    definitely stoked to see expanded support for flexbox and multi-column layouts.. for the developers who have still not moved away from site layouts using tables, this should put the nail in the coffin for that and make it much easier to move over to a more semantic web!

  6. Danny says:

    Another vote for Brent I'm afraid. Sorry Rey but having a page that I've spent hours designing 'look' like it does in most other browsers is kind of important. I know I can resort to flash text / buttons or psd's for IE, but I shouldn't have to. If all the boffins over there in Redmond can roll out 'Asynchronus Script Execution', surely a little dark, blurry bit under my text shouldn't put you over your development budget…

    HTML is primarily a visual medium, so can we have compatible visuals please?

    (PS, if you get stuck I've heard there's a 'really cool', open source project that does 'pretty' with knobs on… Just thought I'd throw that out there)

  7. Jono says:



    •Asynchronus Script Execution

    •Drag and Drop

    •File API

    •Forms Validation

    To me these sound like pretty big improvements that are going to cut down a lot more time than creating a png with dropshadow!

  8. Mark A. says:

    They have fixed the bug with IE10 platform preview 1, if you have frames and some frames are in HTML4 and some in HTML5.

    Doesn't support <!–[if !IE]>…<!–> Very strange.

    <input type=number> only supports whole numbers. EG. 1.5 is not a number.


    Tried to post this message using IE10 Platform Preview 2 ( 10.0.1008.16421)

    and it didn't work!

    Posted message again usiong IE 9 and works.

  9. Dan Sutton says:

    Actually, you can do rounded corners in IE if you try hard enough (or if you steal the code from this guy, who's made a lot of stuff work:…/css-level-3-styles-in-internet-explorer-6-onwards)

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