What about BizTalk Indeed?

Oliver Rist wrote a column in his blog titled “What about BizTalk?” Historically I haven’t responded to these types of articles, but that’s what blogging is supposed to be for – expressing your opinions and this seemed like a good article to respond to so here we are. Starting at the beginning – I never…


Week of Workflow Webcasts Ongoing

Paul has a week of workflow web-casts on going for those of you who missed PDC or missed our sessions at PDC.  The full detail and links to recordings are here: http://blogs.msdn.com/pandrew/articles/460630.aspx   They are at 10am PST every day this week.    Here’s the remaining ones: Wednesday: Workflow + Messaging + Services: Developing Distributed Applications with…


Community Sample: SSB Adapter

Jesus Rodriguez has created a super cool adapter for BizTalk Server 2006 that talks to SQL Service Broker in SQL Server 2005 so that you can use SSB as a transport for SQL to SQL communications within a broader BizTalk Server ecosystem.  His adapter is available on gotdotnet and you can read more about it…


Super cool jobs available: Senior Workflow Technical Product Manager & Adapter Product Manager

Now the cat is out of the bag on a couple of areas (Workflow and Adapters) where we need some more incredibly motivated, clever, articulate folks to help us make a real impact on the business in the following two roles: 1) Senior Workflow Technical Product Manager At PDC 2005 we announced Windows Workflow Foundation.  Windows Workflow…


My Hotel Room at PDC – perfect spot for a Windows Workflow Foundation video shoot.

It was pretty noisy, because the blue elevator was right outside. Sound like a page out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  See for yourself in the latest video on theserverside.net where Paul Andrew (Technical Product Manager for Windows Workflow Foundation) and I talk with Paul Ballard from theserverside.net on windows workflow foundation

Competitive Analysis: Choosing BizTalk Server Over IBM WebSphere Integration Server v5

This documents helps you understand the key technologies from Microsoft and IBM in the integration space.  It then compares and contrasts the various products and technologies.  The goal of the document is to provide you with apples to apples comparisons and endeavours to be factual and straight forward.  This document will be posted on microsoft.com shortly.  You can read it first here….


BizTalk Server Futures: BizTalk Server Solution Designer

We had a bunch of fun recording this video for channel 9 on the BizTalk Server Solution Designer which is coming after BizTalk Server 2006 and was shown to folks at PDC along with a demo of Windows Workflow Foundation in an ASP.NET web-site talking to BizTalk Server (its pretty simple stuff you use web-services…


Windows Workflow Foundation added to WinFX!! – FREE book if you are at PDC

3 years of development, lots of feedback from our TAP partners and internal groups such as Office “12” that builds on this technology – and beta 1 is ready for you to use!  Yes we are adding Windows Workflow Foundation to WinFX.  In so doing, we are redefining workflow as a general developer technology through…


My 5 years @ Microsoft and PDC

Tommorrow I start my sixth year at Microsoft.  I can certainly sympathesize with those whose birthdays’ are on 9/11.  That’s my MS birthday (in Y2K) and I’m not sure whether I should be happy or be sad as I recall my first day and a year later the vivid memory of one MS employee from NY in her office receiving…