Happy New Year – Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate ready for download

Version 6.0.142 is now on the connect site. Go get it. The Release candidate includes one new feature, PXE boot.  In addition it address a number of issues including installation on Windows 2003 as a host; Audio in Vista; DVD support for Vista installation; binding to wireless network cards etc.  Cheers, Scott.


Virtual PC 2007 Beta is available – Get going with Windows Vista Today

We have released Virtual PC 2007 Beta. It has support for Windows Vista as a guest and as a host, including 64-bit host support and provides an excellent application compatibility solution.  It also has support for hardware virtualization technology from both AMD and Intel and to round things out it has improved performance. All of…


VPC free download; Vista EE 4 VM rights; Interested in a Virtual Role?

The last 6 months have been a lot of fun. On the downside I’ve attended exactly zero conferences – ok my wife doesn’t think that’s a downside.  On the upside I’ve been working in areas I haven’t had the opportunity to over the past 5 years.  Specifically I’ve been thinking about hardware virtualization and application virtualization….


New BizTalk Server Blog

If you enjoyed my blog please go here for more :). I’m having fun working in Windows Planning. More on that when I have something interesting to say.

My New Years Resolution And Thanks

Well over 5 years ago I joined the nascent BizTalk Server team.  One of the reasons I came to Microsoft was because of the wide range of job roles available and yet I was just having too much fun with BizTalk Server to consider moving.  Nevertheless, with the SQL/BTS/VS launch complete and WF launched at…


Cooler than XBOX 360 – BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2

Whatsmore you don’t need to wait until midnight to pick it up either :).  As of now BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2 is available at betaplace.  We haven’t updated ms.com yet (its coming) but the instructions are the same as the CTP.  This time around there is the main product CD and a separate Adapters…


Launch, Launch, Launch

In my 5 years in the business, today is the today I’m most proud of.  Not because we are finished with BizTalk Server 2006 – we are not – but we are making lots of progress having released our second CTP build that works on the RTM versions of SQL and VS.NET.  Incidentally the quality of…


Southern Africa, Surveys, and the Single Person Flight

In no particular order of course but let’s start with Surveys.  If you are NOT residing in the United States or Canada (aka you are from the rest of the world) then we want to hear from you and you might win a cool MP3 player as a result.  Read below for more information: Survey: How…


Of CTP bits and South Africa

Several people have asked me whether there will be a build of BizTalk Server that works on the RTM bits of SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET for the Launch.  That’s the plan.  It won’t be beta 2 because we are still working on our quality metrics versus beta 2 however it will be pretty…


Unofficial Abbreviation for Windows Workflow Foundation is now simply WF

Is it KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Well in that case legally it doesn’t matter because the same company owns both the name and the abbreviation.  Of course for marketing reasons they have swapped from the full-name to the abbreviation and back but that’s another story.  In the case of Windows Workflow Foundation we own…