SQL Adapter sample

previously posted with the labs but highlighting here because lots of folks keep asking me for it…


What about BizTalk Indeed?

Oliver Rist wrote a column in his blog titled “What about BizTalk?” Historically I haven’t responded to these types of articles, but that’s what blogging is supposed to be for – expressing your opinions and this seemed like a good article to respond to so here we are. Starting at the beginning – I never…


Announcing: VS.NET Adapter Framework Wizard Sample and Socket Adapter Sample

How about a little: File-New-BizTalk Server Adapter Framework Wizard inside VS.NET This wizard makes it super easy to getting started with the adapter base classes by stepping you through the creation of both receive and send-side adapters in C# including the receive handler/end-point properties and it uses VS outlining to hide the parts of the…


BizTalk Server 2004 Exam Available

I just remembered that the BizTalk Server 2004 exam isnow vailable at VUE centres ,that’s proper english for “centers”, starting today worldwide.  The exam number is included in the “partner competency” number, partner’s you know what I mean.  It isn’t an MCSD/E exam for a couple of reasons the most important being that you won’t have got…


My New Years Resolution And Thanks

Well over 5 years ago I joined the nascent BizTalk Server team.  One of the reasons I came to Microsoft was because of the wide range of job roles available and yet I was just having too much fun with BizTalk Server to consider moving.  Nevertheless, with the SQL/BTS/VS launch complete and WF launched at…


One more thing, nominations for future web-casts

Thanks for all the feedback that these were useful.  What topics would you like to see covered that we didn’t cover this time around. Please add your comments below.


Corrections to InfoPath/HWS Example (look below in my blog)

A. It asks you to define a Status element in the ActionSection: 1.       Right-click the ActionSection node, click Insert Schema Node, and then click Child Field Element. 2.       In the placeholder node that appears, type Status. it should be renamed to “TaskStatus” because in the hwsAdapters it refers to ActionSection/TaskStatus, instead of ActionSection/Status B. You…


Spring cleaning! Add your Blog/Sample URL below

It feels like spring! I just ran around Greenlake and was honoured by the presence of a bald-eagle.  Well spring, means spring cleaning on my blog.   I want to see if I can categorize things better and link to more people who are doing cool things with BizTalk Server in their blogs. If you have…


BizTalk Server 2004 Updates Available Now

BizTalk Server Orchestration Designer for Business Analysts The Orchestration Designer for business analysts is a Visio based tool that may be installed independently from BizTalk Server.  Business analysts can draw abstract business process in this tool and hand-off those business processes to the developer for implementation.  This tool also allows business analysts to import orchestration…


Don’t be shy! Book a 1:1 at TechEd EMEA with me or Alex

Alex is a super clever member of my team who is also coming along to giving some BizTalk Server sessions.  He is giving the XML tools and BAM sessions but knows BAS intimately as well as the rest of the product and would love to talk with you.  Available times are: Scott: Tuesday 4:00-4:30 and 4:30-5:00…