Cooler than XBOX 360 – BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2

Whatsmore you don't need to wait until midnight to pick it up either :).  As of now BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2 is available at betaplace.  We haven't updated yet (its coming) but the instructions are the same as the CTP.  This time around there is the main product CD and a separate Adapters CD.  Beta 2 had a strong quality bar (production beta for early adopters) so I think you are going to like it.

This week is Thanksgiving week.  I never really understood why American's have their longest holiday of the year in the darkest time of the year - but then again coming from a country that celebrates X-mas on the beach with a cricket game what do you expect.

Did the ABs rock and roll on the weekend or what?  30 minutes of 14 men (ok 13 for like 30 secs) versus 15 english AND the referee and we still win :).  Btw I absolutely love its the best way to get the rugby.

On to the next milestone for BizTalk Server.  See you at the Vancouver (opps I mean Montreal) launch event on the 29th where I'll be doing the keynote.


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  1. Jeff Lynch says:


    You stole all the thunder from the XBox 360 launch! You’d better keep a low profile. I hear Cortana codes WF in C#.


  2. Morgan says:

    Is there a Go Live licence for this release ?

  3. Ian Cross says:

    Another 2 minutes and that scoreline could have been very different… saved by the whistle…

  4. Alan Smith says:

    The AB’s did play very well, though I thought England were in with a chance for the first 15 minutes. How will they handle Scottish weather though? Looks like it’s gonna snow up their on Saturday…

    >>You stole all the thunder from the XBox 360 launch! You’d better keep a low profile.

    Nah, a BizTalk Team Haka will scare the hell out of the XBox Boys 😉


  5. We are downloading it right now… very anxious to use it…

    Agree with Alan about the Xbox launch.

  6. Andy James (Solidsosoft) says:

    Beta 2 is great…

    XBOX still cooler……

    A Half decent England can still push the best All Blacks to the wire – come on the World Cup!

    PS – New Haka not as good!

  7. Menos de um mês depois da última CTP, acabou de sair a Beta 2 do BizTalk 2006. Não tivemos ainda tempo

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