Of CTP bits and South Africa

Several people have asked me whether there will be a build of BizTalk Server that works on the RTM bits of SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET for the Launch.  That's the plan.  It won't be beta 2 because we are still working on our quality metrics versus beta 2 however it will be pretty solid and if you are really lucky we will release it on November 7th.  Indeed, we are hopeful that you might get both the BizTalk CTP and another CTP all on November 7th. More on that later.

I'm currently in Sun City, South Africa.  Every year I have a goal to visit a particular place and this year I really wanted to visit South Africa.  With  my current role I'm very lucky to be able to combine work and pleasure.  I've just presented a couple of sessions on BizTalk and Workflow at TechEd South Africa and in a day or so I'll put the computer to aside and go exploring in Kruger and up in Zambia (Victoria Falls) which I'm super looking forward to. 

I really need to recharge because the rest of the month is going to be crazy fun with the BTS/SQL/VS launches.  I'll be keynoting the BTS/SQL/VS Launch event in Detroit on November 8th and a similar event on November 29th in Montreal so if you live in either of those areas come along and say hi.

Btw it seems a few people are confused about WinFX.  WinFX is the managed programming API for Windows (version independent) just like Win32 is unmanaged programming API for Windows. 

Then there is the WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 which is the runtime redistributable package is versioned and available for platforms that require it to be installed.  WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 includes the stuff that used to be called the .NET Framework, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and of course Windows Workflow Foundation. 

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  1. XenL says:

    Yeah – we are going through the same frantic search to find a good build of Biztalk for the UK launch here. It looks hopeful 🙂

    Enjoy TechEd in SunCity – hope you are staying in the Palace and not Cabanas!

    Say hi to my old home country – hope they treat you well…

  2. Hey Scott, it was great having you down here!

    (You should really have added Cape Town to your agenda..!)

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