Unofficial Abbreviation for Windows Workflow Foundation is now simply WF

Is it KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Well in that case legally it doesn't matter because the same company owns both the name and the abbreviation.  Of course for marketing reasons they have swapped from the full-name to the abbreviation and back but that's another story. 

In the case of Windows Workflow Foundation we own the name Windows Workflow Foundation.  However, we didn't trademark an abbreviation so there is no official abbreviation.  Indeed we tried, albeit with a phenomenal lack of success, to launch the technology referring to its name and its name only.  It was an interesting study in Microsoft and press culture to see people abbreviating to WWF with a few notable exceptions here and here.  Given people’s natural desire to abbreviate the technology name to three letters and potential, untested, issues with the WWF acronym we feel compelled to strongly suggest you use the acronym “WF” for the technology only.

 Remember its Kentucky Fried Chicken (Windows Workflow Foundation) not KFC (WF) so use WF when you are severely space constrained.

Comments (12)

  1. Ren says:

    Any updates on BizTalk certification prizes…

  2. nick says:

    How about Win WF? Avoids the wrestling / conservation overtones. Sounds very WinFX – y too…

    Just a thought.

  3. Annon says:

    It’s going to be fun to see what happens if Microsoft ever implements Windows Transaction Framework 😉

  4. It’s also called WWF in many of the PDC presentation slides, including the big "WinFX <Windows Vista Development Reference>" class diagram

  5. Charles says:

    LOL. And I guess the decision might just possibly be influenced by the success the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) had in 2001/2002 in forcing the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) to abandon its name and become the WWE.


    Pandas rule OK!

  6. Oran says:

    How about WinOE?

  7. RuiCanossa says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m trying to get hold of this tool, but the link provided in your blog is not working, is it possible to give me a link where I could donwload it?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


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