Week of Workflow Webcasts Ongoing

Paul has a week of workflow web-casts on going for those of you who missed PDC or missed our sessions at PDC.  The full detail and links to recordings are here: http://blogs.msdn.com/pandrew/articles/460630.aspx


They are at 10am PST every day this week. 


Here's the remaining ones:

Wednesday: Workflow + Messaging + Services: Developing Distributed Applications with Workflows

Thursday: Developing Event Driven State Machine Workflows

Friday: Extending Workflow Capabilities with Custom Activities

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  1. Paritosh Mhaisekar says:

    Hi Scott,

    Seems my wishlist for HWS in next ver of BTS 2004 got answered in form of WWF. It just looks what the dr prescribed..

    I have been evaluating the K2.NET workflow tool and it suffices most of the functionality. Can you pl. throw some light in future course for K2 Vs WWF..

    WWF being presently in beta how long should we wait till we can actually build and deploy WWF for clients.



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