Super cool jobs available: Senior Workflow Technical Product Manager & Adapter Product Manager

Now the cat is out of the bag on a couple of areas (Workflow and Adapters) where we need some more incredibly motivated, clever, articulate folks to help us make a real impact on the business in the following two roles:

1) Senior Workflow Technical Product Manager

At PDC 2005 we announced Windows Workflow Foundation.  Windows Workflow Foundation redefines workflow making it available as part of WinFX with support for both human and system workflow.  Windows Workflow Foundation provides a consistent and
familiar experience for Visual Studio .NET developers.  This is your chance to play a major role in a first version technology that will be distributed to millions of developers and users of Windows.  We are looking for a senior product marketing specialist to join our strong team.  In this role you will work cross-group with Platform, Developer and Office to ensure maximum visibility of workflow.  In addition you will be actively involved driving press, analyst interactions and driving market strategy.  The ideal candidate is technically strong, has prior evangelism experience and a history of making a business impact.

2) Adapter Technical Product Manager

Are you passionate about integration? A key component of any integration project is connecting to existing systems. Microsoft has just acquired 8 key adapters to major line of business applications and technologies including: Oracle Apps and Database, TIBCO, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Clarify and others. If you have the skills to take these adapters to market as part of the overall BizTalk Server offering we need you. You will be responsible for product management and launch of these adapters primarily focused on collateral generation (whitepapers, demos, datasheets) and integrating the key adapter positioning into the broader BizTalk Server positioning so our field can successfully sell and implement these adapters.
If you are good at multi-tasking, have strong prioritization skills, a passion for technology and want to make a real difference this is the perfect technical marketing role for you on a technical marketing team packed with strong team members.
Qualifications include strong technical skills and the ability to present, write and review clearly and credibly on deep technical topics to developers and architects. The ideal candidate has evangelized developer technologies in the past, has a strong grasp on server technology and prior experience with integration technologies and line of business applications including adapters. Strategic technical marketing expertise; strong organizational and project management skills, and ability to work well under deadlines are all requirements. Four years or equivalent in technical undergraduate degree and six years in industry-related experience a plus.

To apply: Contact me through my blog :).

Comments (3)

  1. Joe says:

    How is the Senior Workflow Technical Product Manager different from Paul Andrew’s job?

  2. Dave Runyan / says:

    Scott, I am not applying for the jobs, but I want to talk to you about how, or if, you plan to make the Workflow Designer more accessible to the Business Analyst.

    I am an independant consultant with many years of both programming and process development experience. I fear that as long as the Workflow Designer is hidden inside VS, it won’t get traction with the Business Analyst community. The benefits of workflow I see you and your team touting are mostly around the developer and allowing them to develop robust and loosely-coupled workflows.

    But my clients are the Business Process Managers and their right-hand-men, the Business Architects and Analysts. They want to be able to enable business processes tht are easily evolved to support business agility, and to have a way to express their requirements to the developers with some rigor.

    In my career I have had some success with process modeling tools in doing this, and it occurs to me that your tool would be very good at this – but it is "inside" a programmer-oriented environment that is not very approachable to the BA, much less affordable. IMHO, the BA is the way into the big enterprise. With outsourcing / nearsourcing of development so common, I think a lightweight toolset that is business analyst / architect friendly would pull a lot of Microsoft product behind it. As it is however, I could not recommend it to my kind of client without fighting IT, because of how it is packaged.

  3. Anon says:

    Dave: You can always rehost the workflow designer anywhere you want. It doesn’t have to be inside Visual Studio.

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