Competitive Analysis: Choosing BizTalk Server Over IBM WebSphere Integration Server v5

This documents helps you understand the key technologies from Microsoft and IBM in the integration space.  It then compares and contrasts the various products and technologies.  The goal of the document is to provide you with apples to apples comparisons and endeavours to be factual and straight forward.  This document will be posted on shortly.  You can read it first here.

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  1. A nice comparison between the two products. But this paper is written by microsoft so what about the degree of biasness? Do we have any third party evaluation? I would like to know if there is any comparison paper for BizTalk 2004 and Tibco?


  2. Mike Jones says:

    This analysis is really off base, first MSFT is not even comparing the latest IBM products, this is way to bias, and leaves out many glaring weaknesses on the MSFT side.

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