I did a quick podcast at techEd EMEA that touches on developer basics for BizTalk Server, and some interesting questions including workflow and some super brief future discussions.

Comments (3)

  1. Navin Alexander says:

    Great explaination on BizTalk Server. Thanks a bunch. BT 2006 installation was a breeze when compared to 2004. My only diappointment was that it still uses SQL Server 2000 for it’s database.

    Are there any plans to get the next beta of BizTalk working on Yukon?



  2. Rap says:

    I was trying to watch the March on demand web casts ( especially the one about Orchestration

    in VS.Net ) apparently MS did it again. The links do not work! I think it is about time MS gets a handle on this issue. Scott, Can you look into this? Many Thanks

  3. Ravi Pakala says:

    Most of the March web casts posted were no longer available. Can you look into this?


    Ravi Pakala

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