On ESB and other things

Lots of things are going on as always:

1. We completed the "Microsoft position on ESB" document. This will go to microsoft web sites shortly and is our official position. Get it here. In short if you are looking for "ESB" we can help you; but on the other hand we believe ESB is an incomplete implementation of integration and we are price-point competitive to ESB with full integration server features.

2. We have just completed some organizational tweaking that will make us even better suited to deliver future versions of BizTalk Server and the platform.  Very exciting stuff.

3. Don Box, now part of the same broader organization, installed BizTalk Server 2006 successfully. Phew! If Don can install it so can you.  Seriously, we put a lot of effort into the BizTalk Server 2006 installation experience and I hope you enjoy it.  Speaking of which I see lots of people downloading the beta! (thanks and don't forget to send/blog your feedback)

4. It was sunny for 2 weeks in a row with no rain in Seattle.  Crazy stuff! All my new plants didn't like the dry weather too much but  I've been pouring water everywhere and I have baby grass growing so things are looking up...

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  1. I don’t usually repost other folks news but this one from "Microsoft Watch" and Scott Woodgate’s blog…

  2. I don’t usually repost other folks news but this one from "Microsoft Watch" and Scott Woodgate’s blog…

  3. Microsoft has released a statement on its official position on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) concept….

  4. Loek says:

    Scott, I read the whitepaper and I agree on your conclusion that ESB is a transitional technology. But doesn’t the same go for BizTalk deployed as a central broker? Once most systems support the WS-* specs, the only place BizTalk capabilities will be needed, is to serve as an adapter for systems that do not have a WS-* interface. Isn’t deploying BizTalk just to serve as an adapter for one application over-bloating? How do you think about this?

  5. Scott Woodgate has the details

  6. Mike's Blog says:

    ESBs are not bad, just confusing, you’ve read that here many times. However, lately there seems to be…

  7. Wordの資料が公開されていました。(英語です)

    Microsoft position on ESBhttp://blogs.msdn.com/scottwoo/archive/2005/08/01/446135.aspx

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