We do listen, really – just ask Edgardo

We released the CTP release of BizTalk Server 2006 at TechEd USA.  Almost immediately Edgardo Vega provided us with some feedback which includes the following statements "I have one large complaint. I feel like the WSS Adapter is incomplete. I think everything that I see there good, for the most part. I will split my complaints into two pieces."...

The details of Edgardo's feedback were accurate and the use case was broad, so the big question was given that it "made sense" could we fit his feature requests into the development schedule for this release or wait until a future release.

While I'm please to announce that we will be implementing Edgardo's suggestions as part of BizTalk Server 2006.  Yip the "Edgardo" features of the sharepoint adapter are on their way.  Of course, while it isn't always possible to incorporate feedback into a specific release we are absolutely listening and love to get your feedback.

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  1. Rolando says:

    Biztalk 2004 Problems & Wanted Features #03 : Support for HTTP & FTP compresion


  2. Nice that the feedback was taken into account. How about my feedback about the WSE-adapter, which cannot use custom (off-line) WSDL-files? 😉

    Other things which you should fix are:

    – Be able to resize windows in BizTalk (code windows etc)

    – Remember those resizes the next time you use the same type of window

    – Use the same fonts and other settings as the rest of Visual Studio are set to use

    – Use the same type of code for both send/receive filters as you do in orchestrations. One requires double quotes and the other requires no double quotes which is inconsequent since the dialog boxes look the same. You should be able to use both with or without double quotes and biztalk should replace it with the best practice so we learn the best way 😉

    Best regards

    Niklas Engfelt

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