BizTalk Server 2006 Rolling Thunder #3: Business Activity Monitoring

There are lots of neat new features in BAM for 2006 including a brand new "out of the box" portal, BAM instrumentation for pipelines and alerts/notifications.  Check out the details here.

Our development team is working really hard, as in 7 days a week hard, to complete the first ever Community Technical Preview (CTP) build of BizTalk Server 2006.  The goal is to distribute this build to TechEd attendees at TechEd USA.  The CTP build has most of the new features but is expected to have less than beta quality and support will be through informal means only - aka email me - opps I mean post on the newsgroups for peer support :).  So the good news is the adventurous amongst you will have the ability to get started working with the new version pretty soon assuming the rest of this week's testing pans out like I'm hoping.

The plan at this point is to distribute the CTP build only to the lucky people who attend TechEd USA.  If we get lots of good feedback on the CTP build quality from the people who get it at TechEd we will consider opening it up my broadly but we want to be a little cautious given that this is a pre-beta 1 build that you should use for learning purposes rather than running your business on.

Now back to work on my TechEd talk.  You can expect a whitepaper on Microsoft's Integration Technologies and when to use which one and how they work together in conjunction with that talk in the next week or two.

P.S. Mike on my team has kicked off blogging again.  You can find him hanging out on Jon Flander's site.

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