BizTalk Server 2004 Exam Available

I just remembered that the BizTalk Server 2004 exam isnow vailable at VUE centres ,that's proper english for "centers", starting today worldwide.  The exam number is included in the "partner competency" number, partner's you know what I mean. 

It isn't an MCSD/E exam for a couple of reasons the most important being that you won't have got an MCSD/E exam for another 9 months. 

Never-the-less if you are a BizTalk Server partner this is the qualification for you and I've heard its "not exactly simple" which is what I always like to hear about a solid professional qualification exam.

More information from VUE here.

Thanks to the Authors, MS Learning folks and Yumay for making this happen before the target date.

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  1. Gregory Van de Wiele says:

    Hi Scott,
    <br>I’m very delighted and enthusiastic about the BizTalk exam, but a far bit less enthusiastic about the functionality of the VUE link 🙂
    <br>I’m sure you can make it work…

  2. Nigel Parker says:

    Hi Scott, It’s fantastic that you’ve managed to get the exam up an running before schedule! I expect that your BizTalk book is a good place to start preparing from.

    Can you offer any other tips on it’s content, or what approach we should take to prepare to sit the exam?


  3. Anon says:

    Make sure as well as all the usual messaging and orchestration gubbins you also know all about BAM/BAS/HWS/SSO – even down to default Excel filenames – unfortunately, I didn’t, and failed my first ever MCP exam! 🙁 Well, it’s not actually an MCP exam, it’s a partner competency exam, so I suppose I can still say I’ve never failed one 😉

  4. Hi Scott,

    Is there any way to find a study guide or sample test for this new exam ?

    Thank you.

    David Grospelier


  5. Chris Richmond says:

    Hiya Scott,
    <br>Enjoying your blog so far…
    <br>I work for a MS partner in Hawaii and we just had the luck to have Marty Woznicky(I’m sure I’m butchering the spelling) out for a week-long partner deep dive training on Biztalk 2004…which was the best week of IT training I’ve ever been through, hands down. Me and some other developers at my company are just now getting familiar with the product and are wanting to train up for the partner exam. We are starting off with your Unleashed book, but I was wondering if you could recommend some other resources specific to taking the partner exam. We’re also trying to get some in house pilots off the ground for our own hands on training purposes and sell this to our bosses…because OUR customers need this!
    <br>Any tips would be greatly appreciated..

  6. Lars Haupt-Hansen says:

    Could you tell us more about the MCSD/E certification? Searching didn’t reveal anything 🙁

  7. Mick Badran says:

    Hi guys, (Scott – thanks for setting such an indepth exam)
    <br>Sat this one twice! A little tougher than the usual
    <br>(As a post earlier – it definately not as easy as MCP exams)
    <br>I was asked questions down to command line options on ‘pipeline.exe’
    <br>Setting the logging levels on SSO
    <br>Interfaces implemented on a custom pipeline component.
    <br>GUIDs required for registering a Pipeline Component…..tough! tough!
    <br>When OLAP cubes get populated in BAM
    <br>One thing I will say folks….questions I had no idea about (and there were a few) I was able to narrow down the answers the 2 options (as the others were telling porky pies…)
    <br>Good luck all.
    <br>p.s. You actually need to go through and do the areas mentioned in the comments of BTS – dont just read about them!

  8. Rob Addis says:

    Hi Scott, so will there be an Biztalk 2004 exam going towards an MCSD in the future? Is it possible that this exam could be cross credited towards one in the future.

  9. Benjy says:

    Hmm.. good news .. but the link appears to be broken.. i checked the site and all they have listed is the name of the exam. Does it relate to Course 2157 (which seems to have the same name) which is being delivered by some CPLS?

  10. Anonymous Guy says:

    Can you elaborate with more information on why this does not count towards the MCSD?
    <br>Will it count in the future?

  11. Andy says:

    Hi Scott,
    <br>May I know whether the exam has any relation with the 5-days course: Developing E-Business Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004?

  12. Ravi Shanker says:

    Hi Scott
    <br>Could you please let us know, if non-partners can take the test, but who are working on the BizTalk server 2004.?

  13. The BizTalk 2004 Exam is now available! The exam number is 074-135: Developing E-Business Solutions Using

  14. Com o SP1 do BizTalk fresquinho a instalar enquanto escrevo (o Readme diz algumas das novidades, mas

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