JOB: Workflow Technical Product Manager

As the BizTalk Server business grows we are adding more roles on the team.  I have six direct reports who are so much fun to work with and its time to add another one in a pivotal role.  If you are currently working the business process and workflow space or working closely with developers and fit the qualifications below this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Workflow Technical Product Manager

Do you believe in the power of workflow and business process?  Do you wake up thinking about how workflow will change the way the world develops applications? Do you feel comfortable presenting in front of tens, hundreds, or thousands of developers?  Do you love to drive business strategy to a technical audience?   If you thrive in an environment where everything is new, work is a pleasure and one person can make a huge difference then join the very strong Business Process and Integration (BPI) technical product management team and take this unique opportunity to own the technical marketing and elements of planning for a core workflow technology in the Longhorn timeframe.


This position offers tremendous depth and breadth for even the most experienced candidate. You will be responsible for the creation of materials including whitepapers, slide-decks, books, demos, reviewer’s guides, MSDN presence, event planning and participation such as PDC, community development, working across multiple Microsoft groups including Office and Windows, and in particular owning the BPI relationship with the developer evangelist community as a key enablement channel.  It is expected you will have a strong relationship with the development team and may influence future direction of the technology over multiple cycles.  You may also participate with industry analyst discussions on the technology. Must be capable of building technical demos, and existing hands-on experience with the Microsoft .NET Framework is preferred.


Qualifications include strong technical skills and the ability to present clearly and credibly on deep technical topics to developers and architects through visual media and your own presentation skills.  The ideal candidate has evangelized developer technologies in the past, has a strong grasp on the workflow space and is looking for ownership of a strategic piece of the Microsoft platform.  Strategic technical marketing expertise; strong organizational and project management skills, and ability to work well under deadlines are all requirements.  Four years or equivalent in technical undergraduate degree and six years in industry-related experience a plus.


Contact me through my blog with your CV.

Comments (6)

  1. Soumitra Banerjee says:

    Hi Scott,

    The jobs sounds interesting. Can you please provide me an email address where I can send my resume? If I send it through the blog, will other people be able to view it?



    Soumitra Banerjee


  2. Ricky datta says:


    Have you considered a free (or almost free ) "Express" version of Biztalk ?

    I could use it for embedding workflow or other components in my app.



  3. Denis DEMONT (FRANCE) says:

    Hello Scott,

    The jobs sounds interesting but where is the


    I am in France but i have an experience of 10 years on the microsoft’s technology like VB (4,5,6,.net) , C & C#, Biztalk (NT, 2002/2004), Sqlserver (7,2000), ASP but also on others technology (J2ee, Oracle,XML/XSL, Weblogic).

    If you want more information (CV), send me an email.

    Best Regards

    Denis Demont


  4. Nilesh says:


    Yes! I am a great believer in workflow and business process automation and from where I see it, we have barely begun to scratch the surface of this wonderful world of automation.

    I foresee a world wherein not only business processes but any process may be automated. For me, a child asking his father to buy candies, for him, on his way back home, is an initiation of a new process.

    I believe that we need to make workflow automation tools, so easily available, so easy to understand and configure, that anybody, managers, doctors, mothers, students, absolutely anybody who requires to automate a process, should be able to do so.

    It may sound as if I am getting ahead of my self here, … But I am not.

    You may call me a dreamer, but haven’t they all been who have left this world a much better place…

    Regarding this new position being made available on your team, I would like to submit my candidature for it. Would appreciate if you could email me at, so I can take a shot at it by replying back with my latest resume.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    – Nilesh


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