Adapter Framework Wizard 1.1 including VB.NET support download

Go grab it here. The VB side of things hasn't been as extensively tested as the C# side so if you find issues you know where to find me. Huge thanks to Boudewijn van der Zwan from Unisys Netherlands for his continued great work on this.

In other updates: (1) I'll be at IT Forum in Copenhagen late in the week doing a couple of IT Pro focused sessions, and then onto the UK for a day of analyst discussions. (2) A week or so ago I put on my second hat and did a quick BizTalk and Host Integration Server road-tour working with reviewers and analysts.  I noticed a nice article on Host Integration Server appeared today. (3) I'm wondering if its time for some more web-casts is there content people would like to share or is there topics that you need some more clarity on? Happy to oblige if I get enough votes.

Finally, we have some whitepapers we would like to get written. If you are experienced on BizTalk Server, wrote chapters for Shakespeare in the past, and want to earn a few $ on the side then drop me a line.

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  1. Deepak says:


    Feedback for your point # 3. We had some excellent webcasts on bascis of Biztalk 2004. I guess it might be the time for more webcasts on Advanced topics like

    1. EDI Implementation using Base EDI Adapter(Creating new schemas & implement a solution which are not shipped with Biztalk 2004)

    2. Advanced Automated Deployment techniques (There are so many deployment solutions one can see in blogs, some websites etc, but it would be helpful if Microsoft can recommend a solution with a white paper or webcast)



  2. Andy says:

    Hi Scott,

    To your point #3: yes! More webcasts and tutorials focused on the one new part of BizTalk 2004 that just doesn’t get much play: workflow, HWS and Business Rules. Something a bit more detailed and real-world than the ones that are up now would be great.

    Feedback: The existing HWS webcast is mind-numbingly bad… very disorganized and hard to follow with all the jumping around. I’ve watched it twice now, which only shows my level of desperation. Maybe it should have been two webcasts with more detail in each?

    Looking forward to your book as well!

    — Andy.

  3. Nikola says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m quite interested in writing an article or two. You can drop me an email at nikola at itce dot com, so I can give you more information about my background with BizTalk Server 2004.

    Best Regards,

    – Nikola.

  4. Paritosh says:

    On the webcasts:

    can we it on some performance benchmarks on presently implemented biztalk projects.

    Some comparison with competitive products.



  5. Enne says:


    wanted to download the Framework Wizard :

    Page URL Not Found!!



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