So what’s the deal with the exam?

I guess I was asking for it in my last blog post when I announced the courses and didn’t comment on our exam plan.  My inbox rapidly filled with really good questions with the basic context being “where is the exam?” so rather than address all of them individually let me give you the full picture. We…


Trainers: BizTalk Server 2004 MOC courses are now orderable

Lots of demand for these.  The courses are designed to get customers from 0-60 on BizTalk Server 2004.  There are two courses – one for development and one for management are deployment. Order away. Learn more at the two URLs below:


Adapter Framework Wizard 1.1 including VB.NET support download

Go grab it here. The VB side of things hasn’t been as extensively tested as the C# side so if you find issues you know where to find me. Huge thanks to Boudewijn van der Zwan from Unisys Netherlands for his continued great work on this. In other updates: (1) I’ll be at IT Forum in Copenhagen late in…


WSE 2.0 adapter beta

The release earlier in the year was the technical preview, this is the beta release.  We are still looking for some more early adopters for this as well. To register for the beta program and download the beta release: ·         On the BetaPlace site, register with your Passport account, and then log on using the…


Its that time again: MVP Nominations

The Business Process and Integration Division is looking for industry leading experts in BizTalk Server, Commerce Server and Host Integration Server. We are looking for individuals to nominate as candidates for the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program.     The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing…


MSDN TV: Convoy Processing

Eric gives you a quick tour through the convoy concepts with a couple of examples. Check it out here.


Choosing the right workflow implementation with BizTalk Server 2004

Its 1am in Boston (I’m on a road-trip having some excellent discussions with reviewers and analysts) and I thought I’d share with everyone an important document that describes the decision points you should go through when selecting which of the 3 workflow alternatives you have with BizTalk Server 2004. This document also includes roadmap implications…


Want to highlight your BizTalk Server Deployment with a Case Study?

Anyone with cool deployments of BizTalk Server who want to be seen on can submit as candidate for case studies to (gotta love that alias<g>) along with company name and contact information.  If you want a bit of exposure for your project we can help.


C# not your thing, think VB should be king?

No I’m not going anywhere near that debate but on the other-hand if you want to write adapters in VB.NET and want to beta-test the upcoming adapter wizard support for VB.NET (Thanks Boudewijn) drop me a line. We need a few people to take it for a spin in a short timeframe before we release it…


The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk Server

Alan Smith took the initiative to collect a bunch of blog postings on BizTalk Server into a single consolidated help file for easy reference.  I love this idea – got grab it here. Thanks Alan!