BizTalk at Home: Way to go Intergen

Just came across this.  The "A Primo Effort" heading gave me a giggle:). As an FYI FoodStuffs also runs BizTalk Server thanks to some award winning Datacom work (open disclosure: conflict of interest I used to work for Datacom) last year. Of course a bunch of other NZ companies do as well.  Anyways, go milk (um, I mean BizTalk).

P.S. The correct link to Pallvi's Tibco adapter entry is now listed in the competition blog entry below.

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  1. Nigel Parker says:

    Thanks, Scott for the plug… I was on the team that built the application for NZDF and would like to give big ups to BizTalk 2004 and of course Intergen… I noticed you couldn’t resist the link back to Datacom… Maybe you could convince the guys back in the land of the long white cloud to upgrade the foodstuffs exchange to BizTalk 2004?

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