Downloading MSDN web-casts

I've had countless requests for off-line versions of the web-casts. There are a number of logistical challenges with making that happen that shouldn't exist but never fear George of MSDN web-cast fame documents a way to do it in his blog.  Its a little hacky - but apparently it works...

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  1. I got all your webcasts 3 months ago,

    the same idea,

    get recording program


    best of them is

    [] free and the best

    you can download one than one session a time

    Scott, the session is really really helpful thank you for support

  2. CodeCommando says:


    I’ve got some modified scripts from the link above to automate getting the webcasts. Got a list of all the mms from January to May that you can plug in a script to dl with Net Transport. Email me at codecommandoREMOVEMEATgmaildotcom

  3. I was actually told of an easier way by a friend of mine, which George has now updated to his blog… don’t use the vbscript thing… it’s a real mission!

  4. Jason Haley says:

    Interesting finds this morning

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