If using the coolest integration technology on the planet isn’t a good reason to use BTS

Then maybe this is.  In case you hadn't heard the BTS skillset is in demand > supply right now. All good signs for a growing business and a strong career choice.

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  1. Kris says:

    I have been interested in Biztalk for a long time. Recently I downloaded the developer edition from MSDN and wanted to learn it as I see it has a great potential for me as a developer. However the setup is so complicated I couldnt complete the installation. Is there a simple document on MSDN that walks you thru the process for a development environment?

  2. Alan says:

    I was contracting in the UK in January this year, and there was a real shortage of good BizTalk 2004 resources (I was pretty new to BizTalk then). We got one really good guy for a couple of weeks, but he was already working 40 hours a week for another client, so was not on our site full time. The client I was working for would have payed a lot to have a full time BizTalk 2004 expert in the team, but they couldn’t find one. It seems there is a lot of demand, but I find it a tough product to become expert with.

  3. abby says:

    I started working on BTS from 2000 release.

    From 2001 I am hunting for KJob in BTS skills And this is by 4 th assingnment in BTS.

    Well I had also seen huge demand from Last year for BTS 2004. And expect o grow more as more projects are moving on .net technology.

    All the best for guys who wish to have BTS2004 as one ofthye skill in there CV.

    Please don’t uder estimate the capablities of BTS 2004 but it is huge product with lots of area where you can work.

    wishing all the best..


  4. The demand is huge in the UK – Microsoft (along with companies like my employer, Solidsoft) are doing a great job of driving the message on this product. From a "tecchie" point of view it’s also a great, fun (and sometimes frustrating!) piece of tech to be involved with 🙂

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