Of competition and distractions

I'm in process of buying a house so I'm a little all over in the place with lots on my plate. Having said that:

I want to thank everyone who entered the competition. It was great to see so many entries - in particular on the last day 🙂  The judges are examining each solution in detail and its going to be tough selecting the winners from a number of interesting entries - very cool stuff. Hopefully I'll have more time in 2-3 weeks once this house thing is done.

Comments (2)

  1. a competitor says:

    Most of the competitors would be interested by knowing the number of valid entries posted for the competition.

    In addition, if the list of competitors and valid entries could be published, it will allow us to start comparing our work.

  2. Imran Shafqat says:

    Best of Luck for the house search Scott. Its always good searching around your blog for some usefull information. I would have been lot better if your web site had some search option in it 🙂 …


    Imran Shafqat

    MVP BizTalk2k4

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