Blog Post #100: I believe; VB Pipeline component, Enhanced Validator, NACK processing, Envelopes Samples

Not quite a year ago I was talking to Rebecca Dias and she pretty much twisted my arm into getting one of these new fangled blog things.  Frankly, I was a little nervous about the whole thing - I never went through the "keep a diary" phase as a kid.  Well, I have to say I've really enjoyed it thus far; I can see that lots of people are reading this, and with so many people telling me its somewhat useful to them, ok except for Lee :),  I guess I'll continue. About the only thing that hasn't changed in the last year is that the All Blacks continue to lose the most important matches, which just breaks my heart by I digress.  I've averaged a posting every 3 days for the last year and tried to keep them content fill rather than "diary" style.  On that note, I better add something that isn't fluff to this entry how about these:

A. VB pipeline component sample. Want to write a pipeline component in VB? Ok. Thanks Jim Bowyer.

B. Enhanced validator sample. This component replaces the default validator and adds the ability to send a schemavalidation error to the messagebox (rather than suspending the message) when a validation error occurs.  This gives you the ability to manage these errors (through an orchestration or send port subscription). The sample and documentation was written by one of our super consultants in Belgium (Stephane Bouillon). I'm sure you'll appreciate the credit he gives to a certain airline in jest.

C. Stephen Thomas has some nice samples on his blog including un-typed send and receive ports, NACK processing, XML envelopes, and a little birdy told me he might be posting a parallel-sequential convoy sample go check it out.

Comments (3)

  1. Stephane Bouillon says:

    The Enhanced Validator stuff is currently going through the review cycle for an article. It has been tested, and it works.

    We’re still tuning and adding some extra code to avoid performance degradation with very large documents (re-using the ‘virtual stream’ from another pipeline sample). Expect a repost with the enterprise production-ready bits shortly.


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