Timing is running out on the competition

Only 12 or so days to go but your odds of winning good money are high. Get those entries in!

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  1. Marco says:

    Time is running out. But unfortunately in order to submit an entrance all the source code has to be made available.

    I was not aware that it was an open-source competition. What confused me was the statement that all the IP stays with the one who submits the entry.

    It is just too difficult to enforce that, once all the source code has been published on a website, that you stop other people from modifying and incorporating your algorithms into their product.

    It would have been nice that Microsoft allowed that the component that interacts with the Biztalk SDK have to be made public, but that other components could be submitted in binary format.

    I made a great add on tool for verification of a ruleset (policy). Verification is about automatically detecting rule contradictions, redundancies, tautologies, and circular reasoning (execution loops in BizTak jargon).

    It is an essential QA tool for the quality of the business rules. I would love to make the tool available for the early BizTalk adapter who are entering the Business Rules field.

    Did you ever asked yourself who is going to be responsible for QA of the business rules, once the business expert start modifying rules, and directly get the published in the orchestration?

    For the competition, I just don’t feel very comfortable to publish the source code on the web after all these years of work. I thought that even Microsoft was argueing againgst open source themselves.

    Strictly speaking, nobody would be able to enter the competition because the Microsoft components are not open-source themselves!


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