BizTalk Server Book Table of Contents

Here's what you'll get. Still no ETA on the final publication date. Just need to get the final chapter (7) in, complete some more reviews and go through the publication process.

Table of Contents (subject to minor tweaking):


Part I: Introducing BizTalk Server 2004
1 An Overview of BizTalk Server 2004
2 Your First BizTalk Server Integration

Part II: Developing with BizTalk Server 2004--Messaging
3 Building Message Specifications
4 Mapping Messages
5 Building Pipelines
6 Receiving and Sending Messages
7 Working with Adapters
8 Using Single Sign-On

Part III: Developing with BizTalk Server 2004 --Business Processes
9 Introducing Orchestration
10 Orchestrating Web Services and Correlation
11 Developing Rules
12 Orchestrating--Advanced Concepts

Part IV: Selected Implementation Patterns on BizTalk Server 2004
13 BizTalk Server Messaging Patterns
14 Orchestration Patterns

Part V: Managing, Monitoring, and Deploying BizTalk Server 2004
15 Deployment
16 BizTalk Server Health and Activity Tracking
17 Management

Part VI: Involving the Information Worker with BizTalk Server 2004
18 Human-based Workflow
19 Business Activity Services
20 Business Activity Monitoring

A Installing BizTalk Server 2004
B Migration from Previous BizTalk Version

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