Don’t be shy! Book a 1:1 at TechEd EMEA with me or Alex

Alex is a super clever member of my team who is also coming along to giving some BizTalk Server sessions.  He is giving the XML tools and BAM sessions but knows BAS intimately as well as the rest of the product and would love to talk with you. 

Available times are:

Scott: Tuesday 4:00-4:30 and 4:30-5:00 Room: Meet me in the Auditorium Foyer - next to registration and we will go from there.  If I can get more detailed information I will - Search the web if you don't know what I look like šŸ™‚

Scott: Wednesday 1:00-1:30; 1:30-2:00; 2:00-2:30; 2:30-3:00 Room: Meet me in the Auditorium Foyer - next to registration and we will go from there.

Alex: Thursday: 10:00-10:30; 10:30-11:00;11:00-11:30;11:30-12:00 Room: Meeting Room E (Go to the escalators by the main entrance, follow the signs to meeting rooms, its on the auditorium balcony level)

First come, first served basis please.  Request your time-slot in the comments section. Please only sign-up if you 100% plan on attending.  As for where to find me, that's something I'll let you know either over the weekend or when I get on site on Monday evening or Tuesday early morning - so check back on my blog for that information.

Look forward to meeting you and I'm always interested in your experiences with the product.

Comments (19)

  1. Scott, I’m coming at TechEd Amsterdam and Iā€™d love to chat with you Tuesday afternoon. Reserve few minutes for me, please :-).


  2. Scott Woodgate (MSFT) says:

    Valery – choose a time-slot and I’ll sign you up.

  3. Scott, sign me up for Tuesday 4:30-5:00.


  4. Carlo Poli says:

    Scott, I’m at the TechEd too and I like to share my experiences. Can you reserve Tuesday from 4:00 to 4:30? Hope to see you there.

  5. Jon Fancey says:

    Scott, sign me up for Wednesday 1.00 – 1.30. thanks.

  6. Gidday Scott – glad to see another kiwi will be at an EMEA TechEd!!!

    Bugger, my Architecture Focus Group runs all Wed afternoon, so I’ll just have to hope I bump into you somewhere around the conference!



  7. Rossen Blagoev (MS) says:

    Please sign me up for Tuesday 16:00 – 16:30. I will bring a customer along who wants to do some interesting things with BizTalk.

  8. Carlo Poli says:


    if you look up a bit up on the comments you can see I already booked Tuesday 16:00-16:30. I suggest you pick one of the available timeslots on wednesday.

  9. Deyan Lazarov (MSFT) says:

    I’d like to sign up for Thursday 11:30-12:00. Thank you.

  10. Scott (MS) says:

    Ok – looks like today I’ve got:

    Tuesday 4:00-4:30 Carlo Poli

    Tuesday 4:30-5:00 Valery Pryamikov

    Folks meet me next by the registration area. I’m wearing a blue MS shirt today.

    Rosen – let me know if another time works.



  11. Marcel Fernee says:

    Scott, can you sign me up with my customer UWV for Wednesday 14:00.

    Marcel Fernee

  12. Scott, I’m standing at registration area for last 10 minutes. Is this a right place?


  13. Scott, i’m standing at the registration area next to Auditorium. If your plans changed, please let me know.


  14. Did not see you showed up – I guess it’s just my bad luck :(. I’ll catch you at one of your sessions.

    Best Regards,


  15. Scott Woodgate (MSFT) says:

    Hey Valery – I was sitting talking to Carlo just outside the registration on the seat. Sorry we missed each other, maybe another time works.

  16. I’m looking forward to see you tomorrow on your talk :).


  17. Jon Fancey says:

    Scott, I’m switching to 1.30-2.00 Wednesday instead. Cheers.

  18. Scott, must set up a meeting between you and Alex and Dennis Groendendijk from Sanoma. Also see my separate email. Thu or Fri afternoon at Tech-Ed. Please let me know your preference. Thanks. Martien.

  19. Arnaud Jolivet says:

    I’m intersted by the 2:30 3:00 timeslot … if it’s not too late.

    I’ll drop you an email if i’m not lucky šŸ™‚

    Best regards.

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