InfoPath SP1 and BizTalk (HWS) Workflow article/hands-on lab

That was nice and timely wasn't it. Step by step instructions on how to use InfoPath SP1 with BizTalk Server 2004 (and a whole bunch of other InfoPath labs).  Check it out here:

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  1. Panchy says:

    Pretty good up till the end of Lab 12, then things start to fall apart. Would like to list all the issues, but no time right now. Where is the pipeline component we are supposed to use? It’s not in the InfoPath 2003 SDK as far as I can see…

  2. Esh says:

    I tried following the documentation for Lab 12 and found so many cut and paste errors I gave up. I’ll wait for Lab 12.1

  3. Rick Severson says:

    Thanks for the interest in Lab 12. An updated lab 12 should be posted on MSDN shortly.

  4. Dennis Fischer says:

    Has the new lab been posted yet? I ran into the same problems with lab 12 when I got to the Manifest.xsf copy and paste.

  5. H. Sean Shilling says:

    Help …

    We kicked out consulting firm out, because they coudl even install biztalk 2004. We were going good developing but error out on the deployactions.cmd with the following.

    Error: Failed updating binding information.

    BindingException: Receive Location ‘ActionInterruptReceiveLocation’ has no receive handler. Specify a Receive Handler.

    any help would be great

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