BizTalk Server and InfoPath Samples Enclosed

Before using these go listen to my BizTalk Server and InfoPath WebCast which shows them all in action and will help you if you have issues getting them set-up.

Samples are included for:

1. InfoPath/Messaging

- routing

- routing and creating a new form

- routing and sending to an enterprise system

2. InfoPath/Orchestration/Web-Services

- orchestration picking up from a file and a 1-way web service

- orchestration two-way (request/response)

- orchestration and business rules (this sample doesn't work as is but is included for reference - someone should build on)

3. InfoPath/Orchestration/SMTP

- InfoPath form as an attachment

- InfoPath form as an attachment with fancy body text

4. Not included but available elsewhere (look in the archives of my blog) is the sharepoint adapter and the InfoPath sharepoint sample that installs with it.

5. Not included but available with the product are:

- BAS: business activity services (will do a web cast on this)

- HWS: human based workflow (check out the previous web cast on this)

Disclaimer: You should have InfoPath 2003 SP1 installed (ipprev.exe) which is what I used from the InfoPath side. These samples are not well tested, and I'm hoping the community will post issues here and we can resolve them together - but I'm sure you'll agree they are a whole lot more valuable in your hands than sitting on machine :). Of course they all worked on my machine for the web-cast today so if stuff is missing/confusing let me know. We really need a whitepaper on this stuff (volunteers accepted).

Also included is a super useful word document in the root directory on sending email using BizTalk Server and the various options. Thanks to Stephane for this. Keep this document you'll like it.

Get the zip file here.

See you at TechEd Israel in two weeks or if you happen to be touring Egypt in early May and want to jive about BizTalk while starring at the pyramids let me know 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. New InfoPath/BizTalk 2004 Samples

  2. Pietro Romano says:

    sounds interesting

  3. Nikolai says:

    Cheers for the samples, these really filled the gap between the SDK documentation and how you could actually implement the text and HTML email solutions

  4. Patrick Wellink says:

    I tried the samples but i cant seem to make them work for my situation.

    I have a arch with a passthru receive shape i receive a xmldocument that is actually a binary file.

    I tried almost everything but i could not send the binary file (xmldocument) via SMTP.

    If i write the same XML document to file it works,

    If i send it via FTP it works….

    But via SMTP i don’t get an email and i don’t get an error. simply nothing is send…..

    Can you give me a hint ?

  5. Steve says:

    Can you send a location URL of these samples?

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