One more thing, nominations for future web-casts

Thanks for all the feedback that these were useful.  What topics would you like to see covered that we didn't cover this time around. Please add your comments below.

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  1. Steve Kister says:

    A WebCast detailing a high availability architecture would be very beneficial. Specifically how to build a high available BizTalk 2004 architecture not only to avoid system failures but also in terms of code deployment. In other words, how do we design and then deploy code without causing a system outage.



  2. Jim Martin says:

    Kind of basic, but I would like to see examples of XML or Flat File to SQL examples/web casts

  3. Eric Shim says:

    What about HWS? It is a new feature.

  4. Randy Miller says:

    I cast a second vote for HWS and possibly one on Business Activity Services in an intranet environment. Is there going a "web" version of HAT?

  5. Ravi Vuppaladadiyam says:

    Hi Scott

    Can we have a webcast about using SQL Adapter? How about one more webcast using Adapter Framework?



  6. Mike Holdorf says:

    I would like to see more on advanced Orchestration including Transactions and Error Handling.

  7. Another YES for HWS. This topic remains rather dark and poorly documented.

  8. Danny Buysse says:

    Like to see especially some advanced ones:

    Advanced Editor and Mapper (a lot of properties available but not always clear what they do)

    Advanced Orchestration (already mentioned transaction…)

    Advanced Pipeline creation (pipelines itself – liek envelopes – but also custom pipeline components)

    Demos like in the Web services Webcast are really great. Thanks for posting them.

    CU in Belgium!

  9. Cristian Sobral says:

    A webcast about HWS should be very usefull as there’s not enough documentation.


  10. Joep Wijers says:

    I would like to see details on developing custom adapters, although I’d rather read about it than view a webcast. This topic was documented quiet rough in the beta version, and now it is gone. Does it still work the same? If not, how can I create an adapter without any info? If it is the same, can I look into these old documents again somewhere?

  11. Colin Lee says:

    Just to echo a little:


    Designing BizTalk Architecture

    Custom Adapters

    Advanced Orchestration

  12. Jeff says:

    another vote for HWS

  13. Stan says:

    For sure — HWS

    This drum is getting a little worn..

    Excellent content in the presentations overall!


  14. Kerry says:

    I’d like more details on convoy orchestrations. Specifially how to handle change requests or cancel requests for an orchestration that is already in process and long running. Thank you much! Loved all the webcasts last week.

  15. Matt Meleski says:

    -A Web Cast covering EDI documents.

    -How the Biztalk Base EDI service fits into

    the picture.

    -Limitations/ Advancements of EDI (Compared to Biztalk 2002)

  16. Deepak says:

    Excellent presentations! Also I would like to request the following in future

    1. Migration of existing Biztalk 2000/2002 projects to Biztalk 2004

    2. Business Activity Monitoring

    3. HWS

    4. EDI


  17. Demetrion "Dee" Ware says:

    Please do something on EDI.

    There is not real documentation in the product.

    Its hard for us to sell companies on this without a clear understanding of how this process works now.

  18. Panchy says:

    Did anyone mention HWS? 🙂

  19. First, thank you for your great presentation you’ve done so far!

    I would like to request the following:

    1.) HWS 😉

    2.) Advanced BAM/BAS (including custom Web Parts/Office Web Components)

    3.) Visio -> Orchestration (and vice versa)

    4.) Generic patterns

  20. Jamie says:



    Custom Adapters

    Using the scripting functoid in the Mapper effectively (eg. .NET code and XSLT)

    Either document the functionality properly or do a presentation.

    While the presentations were very useful, I cannot recommend an upgrade to my company yet as there is not enough good information on some of these features.

  21. Harish Pavithran says:

    I would like to see a web cast on DTA, WMI api and BizTalk .NET programmer reference examples – how do I use these apis and when?

    Also I would like to see a web cast on cross referencing and some perhaps more examples in the SDK around this.

  22. hung says:

    Hi everybody,

    Do you know about default pass thru transmit pipeline and xml transmit pipeline (both of these are for sending).

    That is the difference?

    Some example I work on only work on one pipeline, not the other.

    Same question for default pass thru receive and xml receive pipeline (both of these are for receiving).

    What is the difference? What is the reason to pick one over other in some situation?

    I also have problem with MSMQT (serialization problem).

    I can not get message MSMQ (regular queue) from remote machine to work with MSMQT from a local biztalk machine.

    I can work with them individually, but when they have to send/receive from each other, the serialization format got stuck (I tried every from custom serialization to etc..)

    Basically, I don’t want MSMQ and MSMQT any more, I will use SQL adapter with biztalk 2004.

    My main question here (this question has been asked before by others on some forum but biztalk 2004 is so now, no answer yet):

    I want to save the whole message (XML message from a file receive function).

    The XML message should be able to save as a whole string inside some SQL server table.

    I came a cross some example but only field by field example.

    I need to whole message as a string to work with SQL Adapter for Biztalk.

    Any recommendation?



  23. Montaque says:

    EDI and ITS Extension in biztalk

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