BTS2004 explorer extension

Hi from the South of France where we are running another hard-core training course on BizTalk Server 2004.

Today's tip: BTS2004 has a very cool windows explorer extension. 

To use it: (it isn't turned on by default) navigate to \program files\microsoft biztalk server 2004\developer tools and then run regsvr32 btsasmex.dll; log off and re-log on and you will magically get a BizTalk Server Assemblies icon in Windows Explorer next to your drive letters.

Clicking on any of the BizTalk Server Assemblies reflects the meta-data stored in them such as schema, orchestrations and pipelines.  Even more useful is the search functionality. To use this select View-Explorer Bar-BizTalk Server Search.  Using the BizTalk Server Search you can discover interdependencies between assemblies. Like all the schema that are actually referred to by maps and so on.

Comments (8)

  1. Romualdas says:

    I was trying to get there, but it was too late.

    Will be the content announced somewhere (online?)?

  2. Ananth Krishna says:

    Very Cool! However..there was a typo in the assembly name you mentioned(missed out the t :))

    Its BTsAsmExt.dll



  3. Vinod Sharma says:

    This feature was enabled by default in Beta but with RC I did not get it. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Anthony says:

    Thanks for that. Using W2003, I didn’t even need to log off and on again.

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