So, um, what do we do next?

Well congrats England, I never thought it would happen.  Now the rugby is over
I'll settle into some NFL as a substitute and hopefully the super 12 will come along
pretty soon.

On another front, we are getting close with BizTalk Server 2004. Ok, not that close,
but pretty close. How close? Well "sometime early Q1" feels good right now. 
The good news is it gets dark in Seattle around 4:30pm these days so there are no
distractions for the development team.  Of course our early adopter customers
really hold the cards in terms of telling us when it is 100% ready.

So guess what all that means? Its time to start thinking about what we do next. If
you have used the BizTalk Server 2004 beta, or other integration products and have
suggestions for product features or scenarios that you would like solved in the next
version then feel free to send us mail at:
All email is read - except that SPAM stuff which is automatically deleted 🙂

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