What is worse that the All Black's losing
the semi-finals? Watching the All Blacks lose in a Copenhagen pub full of Australians.
Everytime I said "oh no" they cheered, and there was a lot of "oh no" going on as
we were well and truly beaten. Still thanks for Stuart for inviting me along. 
I guess we will have to wait another 4 years to repeat the performance 16 years ago
when David Kirk lead his team on a sunny Eden Park day.  Also I managed to pick
up some NZ beers (Macs Gold and Speights) in Copenhagen which eased the pain.

Here are a couple more slide decks on
BizTalk Server 2004. My favourite is InfoPath and BizTalk Server which make a
compelling duet in a similar manner that Outlook and Exchange work well together.

and BizTalk Server 2004

to BizTalk Server 2004

Server 2004 Orchestration and Web Services

Comments (9)

  1. Dave Bettin says:

    I think you have an extra space before the ppt file names.

    Anyhow, Keep sending content. I love it!

  2. Blair Stephenson says:

    The AB’s play against France on Thursday.

    Let’s hope they do a bit better:)

  3. Scott Woodgate says:

    Link fixed, thanks Dave – reminder to self never write your blog in frustration :). Let’s hope we beat France, unlike last time when we lost the three versus four game.

  4. catcat says:

    I like it ,thank you . ^o^
    I will very excite If you offer some sample.

  5. catcat says:

    Can you upload some demo within ppt?

  6. Mike Peters says:

    Scott – had the same bad OZ-NZ experience in Copenhagen once myself – didn’t handle it well.
    At least we don’t have to wait another 4 years for BizTalk 2004.
    (and LOTR was premiered in Wellington yesterday – fantastic day, and no chance of a loss)

  7. Charlie K. says:

    A fellow BizTalk’er w/ a rugby problem…cool. Drop by the Black Rooster pub in DC (19th and L, NW), if you’re ever in the area – our rugby clubs watering hole ( Also, looking forward to the RTM of BizTalk. Cheers.

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