Where do you watch rugby in Copenhagen?

So I'm stranded in pretty Copenhagen until Saturday morning hoping that I can catch
the All Blacks vs. Australia game. Hopefully I'll find a pub here that opens early
Saturday morning.  If you know one let me know :). 

The IT Forum conference has one day to go. Didn't make it? No big deal. Here are the
slides for my session:

BizTalk Server
2004 Admin and Security
which is especially useful if you don't understand
hosts, host instances and the fault-tolerant, scale-out story

BizTalk Server 2004
Business Activity Monitoring and Business Activity Services
. This deck is probably
less useful as I did a whole bunch of demos

BizTalk Server
2004 Rules Engine

Comments (9)

  1. Matt Patterson says:

    Hey Scott, hope you find a good place to watch the game. Worst case scenario, you have to pay for RealOne and listen to it live… I can’t believe there’s no live Internet video feed.

    Question for you, do you know of any pubs back here in Seattle where they’re showing the game live?

    –matt patterson

  2. Andy James says:

    Hope you catch the game…

    Couple questions on your slides…

    The performance figures what were the message sizes, complexities and what were the rules if any in the orchestrations?


    Andy James

  3. Scott Woodgate says:

    Good news, I found an Irish pub to watch the rugby so I’m set. If you are in Seattle you just have to go to the Kiwi and Kangaroo pub on Aurora Ave. They serve meat-pies, sausage rolls, live rugby and oh yeah beer 🙂 With Australia vs. NZ being the order of the day it will be at least as well packed as it was last week for the NZ vs. SA game.

  4. Scott Woodgate says:

    Oh and on performance stay tuned for more detailed information but this should be a starting point for you. Right now I can’t give any more information for a couple of reasons – one this is with beta code so the numbers will change so drilling into the specifics isn’t as important as looking at the big picture, and two legal reasons around disclosure that will be relaxed post RTM.

  5. Simon Smith says:


  6. Blair Stephenson says:

    Well. Be thankful you are not living in NZ right now. 🙁

    I did think it was not as bad as 99 against the French. Now we just have to hope the Aussie’s bet the English.

  7. Gary Pearson says:

    I am in Copenhagen on the weekend and was wanting to watch the NZ vs SA game. You stated that you managed to watch it at an Irish pub do you know the name of the pub as I certainly do not want to miss that.


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