Scott’s PDC slide-deck

Bear in mind this is future stuff because “Indigo” is part of “Longhorn” and the “Indigo” adapter I demoed is a prototype.  I also showed “Yukon” DTS nicely integrated with BizTalk Server through an adapter wizard.  Check out the deck here


PDC Wrapped-Up

Brian Loesgen (Hi Brian) wrote a nice review of the BizTalk Orchestration futures session where Abhay talked about some of the  cool enhancements we are prototyping for possible delivery in the “Longhorn” timeframe. Thanks for coming to my BizTalk Server, “Indigo” and “Yukon” session.  I’ll see if I can actually get those slides uploaded some time soon…


PDC Special: Understanding BizTalk Server 2004 Whitepaper

David Chappell is an excellent author and his 20+ page whitepaper on BizTalk Server 2004 provides an excellent technical introduction to the architecture and the product.  This will eventually make it to MSDN but in the mean-time as a reward for everyone who braved the travel conditions and actually made it to PDC you can read…


BizTalk Server at the PDC

Looks like PDC is going to be huge this year and if you get a chance check-out the three BizTalk Server sessions.  We have been asked by the organizers to talk strictly about futures so there is a bunch of new content.  However, if you want to play with BTS04 then definitely check out the hands-on-labs….


Two down-Two down

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m going to be good today and write at least two entries :).  I’ve been viewing late night television watching the All-Blacks beat two rugby minnows in Italy and Canada.  We won well but it wasn’t all plain sailing as two of our best players got injured. I’m…